We are living a historical moment, an unprecedented case in our recent democracy. Thanks to the massive support provided by all the citizens, we have been able to transform our anger into hope, and this hope will help us change all the things that upset us. To fulfill this object, we shall not lag behind strength or courage, nor behind the energy need to make true this common project.


We must not allow the strength already gained by this civil movement to be belittled by foreign and spurious elements. To prevent this from happening, we propose the following twelve concrete measures; they shall lead us –while we make them happen— to the plural and just democracy that we have set our hearts to obtain. Such democracy should fulfill the following aims:


  1. To guarantee that the principles of justice, freedom, equality and pluralism are truly and effectively respected.

  2. To make sure that the revenues and economic privileges enjoyed by those who hold a public office are significantly diminished, and that permanent banning from such offices (and the impossibility of their being reelected) is applied to those who have been found guilty by justice.

  3. To put forward a thorough reform of the election law, whereby proportional representation shall be guaranteed; whereby no political force nor social demand shall be discriminated; whereby the effective inclusion of minority parties shall put an end to the dictatorship of two parties; whereby, finally, the 5% barrier impeding numerous groups representation shall be pull down.

  4. To insist and improve the mechanisms (such as holding a referendum) allowing the people to exert direct democracy in relation to decisions involving important socio-economic concerns. Likewise, devices enabling legislation through popular initiative must be simplified.

  5. To hold, on a compulsory basis, state, regional and local budgets to popular consultation.

  6. To supervise the separation of powers through a system of checks and balances (or through its revision whenever such system is already functioning), in order to guarantee the total independence of the judiciary.

  7. To ensure that services such as the management of energy resources, communication networks, food supplies, transport and the banking system (all of which satisfy needs of vital importance for the well-being of the people) are granted the status of “goods of public usefulness”. In accordance, private monopolies and oligarchies in the provision of such goods shall be precluded.

  8. To grant the right to labor, to holding a worthy and stable employment. No labor force adjustment plans shall be applied whenever a firm ears benefits. Every member of society has the right to enjoy the social and public services that are vital to make a life worth living.

  9. To implement the civil mechanisms whereby corruption in public office can be prevented and punished adequately. Conditions should be provided for, so that an effective civil control of the economic activities carried out by public officials can be exercised, as well as for the implementation of a set of incompatibilities to disable such officials to exercise simultaneously public and private activities, and benefit from both.

  10. To enforce a progressive tax regulation, and to impose on an international scale a single tax on immense fortunes, as well as on finance transactions. Obviously, tax havens must be dissolved worldwide.

  11. To provide for the people’s strict control and supervision of banking entities and their practices, especially of the latter’s abusive conditions imposed on credit concessions and house mortgages.

  12. For these measures to become true and transform reality accordingly, we press for the calling of a Constituent Assembly, as the only proper means to assure that these measures acquire force of law.


The latter are no set of definitive measures, however, hence they are subject to revision. They are but the prompt response delivered from someone who had never made proposals, but have been challenged to do so.

Those who have systematically ignored their own commitments even while the ink still lay fresh in their political programs, now are challenging us to present our own political programs, and stand by them. So be it.

Those who never shared their power or their influence with us, nor helped us intervene in the taking of decisions, now demand from us transparency in our debates, and open participation.

Those who owe millions and millions, and keep them in their credit accounts, demand ideas from us who live in the open, under plastic tents and cardboard boxes, among deprivation and unemployment, under a mountain of debts and mortgages.

The reason why they need our ideas and proposals is because they are no longer in power, because the power is now among us. It is being held between all of us.

They need ideas as vampires, blood.¨They need certainties and need them fast, for their time is coming to an end while it is starting for us. Time is on our side.

We are patient since we know this movement cannot but grow.

We have patience because we lack the fear.


Camp-site Valencia 15 May 2011.